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Image by Joseph Gilbey

Tower of London

The Tower of London is London's only surviving castle. Built as home and London's defence in 1068 by William the Conqueror (the Duke of Normandy). 
Over the Tower's 1000 year history it has seen some of the most exciting and most terrifying episodes from British History. 

Throughout the Tower's lifetime it has been; Royal Mint, Royal Observatory, Royal Menagerie, An armoury, Royal Palace, Prison and home to the Crown Jewels 

With Dani you will get close up and personal with that history, where she can show you what happened exactly where and share with you the secrets of the Tower's 22 Towers (not all are open to the public). 

Example of what you will see and learn (subject to change:

  • The Execution Site of Anne Boleyn 

  • The Towers that Imprisoned Queen Elizabeth I, The Lost Princes and Lady Jane Grey

  • Traitors Gate

  • The Crown Jewels 

  • Yeoman Warders (nicknamed Beefeaters) 

  • The Line of Kings (armour through the ages of Kings) 

  • Learn about the Animals that once lived in the Tower

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