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Image by The Creative Exchange

LGBTQ+ History of London

Take a walk through some of the momentous events to rock the landscape for the LGBTQ+ community. 
Discover where secrets were hidden and revealed, see where the “law breakers” were imprisoned, see were the UK's first openly identified intersex woman Georgina Somerset was married and learn about some gay tombs in Westminster Abbey. 

We will talk about major LGBTQ+ game changers like Peter Thatchall, and hear about some of the UKs most influential activist groups like the GLF and Stonewall UK.

Along the way we will meet rebels like Oscar Wilde whose passionate love affair caused a sensation and Radclyff Hall who changed the landscape of Lesbian life through her literature. 

We will journey through the past to the present meeting LGBTQ+ characters, and seeing the spaces that holds such momentous history. 

This walk starts at Parliament Square and is a wonderful walk through central pockets of London, ending in what is end point for the Pride Parade in recent years. 

This walking tour will provide you with free entry to Zodiac Bar in Camden and a gift card, the newest, hottest LGBT+ run bar for our community and allies.

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