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Horse Guards 
Changing the Guard Ceremony

This tour has been cancelled due to Covid-19 and no start date has been given

The Household Cavalry guard the official entrance that leads down towards Buckingham Palace. Here the two regiments of the Household Cavalry change daily for guard duty; part of the better known Changing the Guard ceremony at Buckingham Palace. 

Example of what you'll see:

  • a change in cavalry regiments 

  • horse guards parade

  • the old palace of Whitehall 

  • banqueting house 

  • Admiralty Building 

  • Back of 10 Downing St

  • The Mall

Learn about the cavalry regiments, the horses, the uniforms, their military service, how and why they guard in their current position. Learn more about The Trooping the Colour ceremony the Queen's Birthday parade. ​

On Sundays can be combined with Household Infantry Guard change ceremony. 

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