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London City

City of London

The City of London is the oldest part of London being founded by the Romans when occupying Britain. Built as trading port this city known as the 1sq mile has grown into the Country's financial district and once sat at the epicentre of a vast empire. 
The City of London still has its medieval street layout providing wonderful hidden gems, twisted alleyways and vast levels of history to discover. 
It might look like skyscraper central but walk with Dani to discover what lays underneath and in between that tells you the city's 2000 year history. 

Example Sites (subject to change): 

  • Mithras Temple (hidden underneath the streets)

  • Leadenhall Market 

  • Roman Amphitheater 

  • Guildhall 

  • Bevis Marks Synagogue 

  • St Paul's Cathedral 

  • St Bartholomew the Great 

  • Newgate Goal (now Central Criminal Courts) 

  • Dr Samuel Johnson's Home

  • Ye Olde Cheshire Cheese (A 17th Pub) 

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