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Image by Roman Fox

British Museum

Britains first National Museum opened in 1753 thanks to the generous donation of Sir Hans Sloane's personal collection of artefacts from around the world, the British Museum has come to house some of the most famous collections and artefacts known to man. 

On a guided tour with Dani you will experience the essence of the British Museum in 20 artefacts from different Empires around the world. (depending on time and interests these can change) 

Example artefacts covered (subject to change)

  • Rosetta Stone

  • Parthenon Sculptures

  • The Holy Thorn Reliquary

  • Sutton Hoo Hoard

  • Rameses II Head

  • The Winged Bulls of Khorsebad

  • Tang Tomb Figures

  • Lion Hunt Relief 

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