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Image by Arthur Osipyan

Churchill War Rooms

Opened in 1939 the Churchill War Rooms was the nerve centre of the war government. it allowed the British leaders and workers to work underground during the German bombing raids. In these rooms decisions that would determine the outcome of the War would happen.

On a guided tour discover what lies beyond the glass. Hear the stories of the leaders and of the British civilians and military staff that worked hard to bring WW2 to an end. 

Examples of things we will see (subject to change)

  • A V2 Rocket

  • Noiseless typewriters 

  • Sugar Cubes hoarded by an officer

  • The door to 10 Downing Street that Churchill walked through 

  • Transatlantic Telephone Room 

  • The Siren Suit 

  • A special Union Flag 

  • The Map Room

  • The Cabinet Room 

  • Churchills Bedroom 

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